Carmel Garden Public School

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4th Avenue, Teachers Colony,
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8:30am- 3:05pm
Monday to Friday

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Goldsmith Hall

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We need your Support!

We at CGPS try our best to give our students the best education possible. We are also that beacon of light in our community helping those that cannot afford basic education. Please consider supporting us by donating today.

  1. Support Unprivileged Children

    We educate dozens of financially needy children every year. Free tuition, books and uniform is provided by the school. We believe that when we help the lowest among us we help humanity. However, with the number of needy children increasing every year we require additional funding to educate them. Please consider giving to this noble cause.

    Rs.5,000.00 donated of Rs.40,000.00 goal
  2. Sports Equipment

    At CGPS we encourage physical activities at all levels. Our students enjoy playing cricket, football and badminton among other sports. However, we would like to expand our equipment base. We require a Table Tennis board, Cricket bats, balls and badminton rackets, etc. We ask that you generously open your heart out to giving toward this cause.

    Rs.13,000.00 donated of Rs.100,000.00 goal
  3. Nursery Play Area & Toys

    Our little ones love coming to school. After all we are a home away from home for them. Their day is spent learning new things and having fun playing. We try to keep them keep them engaged by providing them with educational games and toys. However, we would like to further our facilities for them by providing them with a bigger play area and include many more play items. Please consider giving generously to this cause.

    Rs.36,000.00 donated of Rs.5,000,000.00 goal
  4. Computer Lab

    Computer literacy and education is necessary in this day and age. It gives students an unparalleled advantage over others. Our requirements include an iPads and iMac’s to help students learn and understand various concepts. Equipped with technology, we believe our students will have a competitive edge among their peers to excel at whatever they do. A gift from you be it small or big will ensure that we stay current.

    Rs.21,600.00 donated of Rs.200,000.00 goal
  5. Science Lab

    The science lab at CGPS provides a space for experimental and hands on learning for students. Here students get to experience science for themselves instead of just reading it out of a textbook. Our developmental projects includes renovation, purchase of new lab equipment like test tubes, chemicals, microscopes and various other items.

    Rs.15,332.00 donated of Rs.150,000.00 goal